Online marketing $500 plus GST for each listing

  • Translation one page property portfolio for online marketing campaign, limited to 3 pictures and up to 250 words
  • Advertising on for 12 months

Translation of property brochures, marketing materials and investor pack

Price for translation: first 100 words $50, then $40 per 100 words.

Organising overseas property exhibition
Beaux charges $10,000 plus GST for a typical 3-day exhibition (excluding exhibition costs) Exhibition cost paid to the exhibition organiser (note these fees are indicative only) The exhibition costs are set by the exhibition organiser, it will vary from one exhibition to another, and followings are some indicative costs.

  • C class booth cost 80,000 RMB (approx A$13,000) for one booth (27 sqm in total)
  • B class booth cost 3,500 RMB (approx A$580/sqm) starting from 12 sqm. So the cost of a single booth starts from 42,000 RMB (approx, A$7,000)
  • A class booth cost 4,000 RMB (approx A$660/sqm) starting from 12 sqm, so the cost of a single booth starts from 48,000 RMB (approx A$8,000)

Other Services at exhibition

  • Seminar Equipments (provided organiser) include Rostrum, Stereo system and projector. The fee is RMB 32,000 (A$5,500) per 2 hour.
  • Catalogue advertisement also available ranging from approx A$2,000 to A$5,500.

Organising buyers property tour
$100 plus GST per day per person (minimum $500)

$50 plus GST per hour, minimum charge is an hour